Boarding Policies
Country Canine has an open door policy.  We happily except all dogs no matter their breed, temperament type, or whether they are altered or not.   We have established our  facility to meet the needs of your pet.  Your dog does not have to pass any tests to stay with us. 
Our Salisbury, NC kennel is designed with your pets' safety and comfort first in our thoughts.  All runs have raised beds and each dog is given treats and enrichment activies such as toys, kongs, or chews.   Playtime outside in our securely fenced yards  is given to all dogs weather permitting.  If your dog is social they can have supervised group play with your permission.  Invidual playtime is available for dogs who don't play well with others. 
We recommend you bring your dog's own food in order to prevent upset stomachs associate with the stress of boarding and a sudden food change.  We feed Fromm and are happy to provide food if you need us to.