Boarding Costs are charge by each nights stay.  There is no additional charges based on pick up or drop off time.
Boarding is $20 per dog per night.   Each additional dog is $15 per night.  Special pricing for families with 4 or more dogs.
Our kennel does not offer grooming but we do offer baths and basic brush outs.
Small Dogs  $10 ( less than 20 lbs)
Medium Dogs $13 ( between 20 and 50 lbs)
Large Dogs $15  ( between 50 and 100 lbs)
Giant Dogs $20 (over 100 lbs)
There is an additional $5 charge for dogs with large heavy double coats.
Undercoat Brush outs are available  for dogs who are heavy shedders.  The cost is an additional $10 per 15 minutes of brushing. 
Free Bath with 5 or more nights boarding visit.
Pricing -Country Canine Boarding in Salisbury, NC